TSM Davies is Moving

My website is moving. My blog has been on WordPress for more than 5 years now, but the time has come to make a change. What does this mean for my followers?

My new site is easy to find: tsmdavies.com! I wanted to own my own domain, instead of a free WordPress hosted one. While I could purchase the domain through WordPress, buying it through another site was cheaper, and I was able to purchase a number of years at a time.

I also wanted to have special features that required HTML coding that WordPress wouldn’t allow me to use without paying for site upgrades. The new host makes it quicker (and much easier) to add the code.

A newsletter! I am starting an email newsletter to help my audience grow, and help my readers stay connected with me easier. Sadly, WordPress would not allow this without learning how to use PHP. I tried. I failed. My new host makes it quick and easy.

I apologize for the inconvenience to my WordPress followers. If you subscribe to my newsletter on the new site, you will receive updates and links to my new blog posts directly to your inbox. Everyone that subscribes will receive an exclusive story as well.


Robin Williams: The Man Who Changed Lives

It has been a while since an event came along that seemed to rock the world. It has only been a day since the announcement that one of the greatest actors and comedians of our time died in his California home, yet social media and news sites are still paying tribute over and over again. No one has shook their heads and said, “Yet another Hollywood star to die.” There is one simple explanation for that. Robin Williams was a man who changed lives. Continue reading

High School Regrets: YOLO

A little more than a week ago I attended my high school reunion. It was a chance for me to see people who I haven’t seen in years. Like most people, I feared the reunion. Not because I was ashamed of myself, but because my memories of primary school were not always fond. As mentioned in a previous post, I have always had a creative mind; I just didn’t always know it. It led me toward a lot of scorn and misery throughout my primary school education. And despite the good times, Continue reading