GenCon is going great!

GenConLackeyDixonToday was action packed with fun. First I woke up early to hit the 7am bus to the expo only for the bus to not show up. Didn’t make my 8am symposium thanks to that. But I did have an action packed day. Continue reading


Schooled in the Art of Writing

I sit in the coffee shop staring into my steaming brew. The fragrance of what’s left of a bowl of French onion soup threatens to overpower the delightful scent of the hot coffee mug cradled between my hands. My gaze drifts to the clock on the wall (one of many as this coffee house is appropriately named Around the Clock). Quarter to one in the morning. Like every night my husband and I sit and have coffee, meeting with our friends after late shifts of work. The current topic of conversation is the recent birth of my best friend’s twin boys. Everyone is excited, including myself. She elected to name me godmother. Tonight it hits me. My husband and I are not well off, we survive from payday to payday with nothing left over. I have nothing to give to these two beautiful boys. Continue reading

Finding an Agent

Publishing is a dog eat dog world. Most publishing houses (though not all) will not even consider an unagented submission. Those that are willing to take a look are much less likely to offer a contract to an unagented author over an agent. There are a few reasons for this. Continue reading

The Dreaded Query Letter

Writing a query letter. It is as dreaded a thing as writing a good resume and cover sheet is for any other occupation. And why not? It serves the same purpose in the end. So how do we get over our writing woes about this simple sheet of paper when there are so many differing opinions about the way content should be presented?

The simple answer to this question is Continue reading