A Draft of Unique: Available for Free Beta-Reading

For Nanowrimo, I swore that I would finish the first draft of Unique. I started the book in February and made good progress, but hit a bump and got stuck. So I did it. I pushed my way through to the end, only to discover something somewhat distressing.

Initially, this started as a 3 book companion series.

  1. Ordinary: a book from the perspective of an ordinary girl caught up in extraordinary events
  2. (extra)Ordinary: a book from the perspective of a researcher involved in the events (the villain)
  3. Unique: a book from the perspective of a hero with unique blood.

I decided to start by writing the last book first, since his story was the driving force behind the plot for all three.

As I approached the end of the third book , I came to a somewhat unsettling realization: It was actually 3 books. I was past my 80,000 word goal, and I still wasn’t done writing. To top it off, I knew that some of the characters needed further developing and some of the settings needed to be clearer. All of this mean that I could easily write another 40-50,000 words before it was finished. So I made a decision.

There are 3 clear books in that one.

  1. Ugene entering the research and learning about his new world and what is going on.
  2. Ugene with the rebels, learning to arm himself against his fate.
  3. Ugene and the rebels taking on the research company.

This left me with a whole other dilemma. One that I am hoping my readers here will help with.

How you can help:

I broke off the first section of the book and published it on Tablo. It’s 43,000 words right now, and there is a lot of potential to add another 20-30,000 words. I am interested in knowing what the weak parts of the book are and what the strong ones are.

That’s where you come in. You can help me get the information I need. And all you have to do is read and leave comments if you so wish. Tablo will tell me the rest.

This is only active for the next two weeks, so the sooner you start, the better.



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