The Joy of Writing

Writers know that there is no greater feeling of personal accomplishment and joy than that of the process of writing. It fills us with frustration, love, sadness, anger, and happiness. It consumes us with a tale that needs to be told.

ReganFor those who don’t write, it can be hard to understand the joy that writing can bring. Avid readers may have some understanding. They go through the bonding process with the characters and enjoy the adventure the story takes them on. Any avid reader will agree that there is great joy to be found within the pages of a book.

But even readers can’t quite fathom the relationship that writers have with their stories. They don’t just bond with the characters; they are the parents that help them grow and accept change. They don’t just take a journey to a new world; they create that world and all of the inhabitants. They don’t just follow the twists and turns of the story; they shape and mold them to a beautiful ending.

The joy of writing for me is imagining the places that my mind and my characters can go. The sky is the limit.  The joy of reading for me is escaping to another time and place and bonding with epic heroes.

What are the joys of reading and/or writing for you?



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