Why Courier New Font Should Be Banished Forever

All are punished!

That is the way I feel every time I see the font Courier New online or in a document. There is something about it that some people really like. I get it. There’s a reminiscent quality about it that throws us back into the days of typewriters and force-tabs. It reminds us of “old school” writing.

Despite this, it is atrocious to read. In a modern world where Helvetica, Times, and Calibri are taking over, fonts like Courier New should be banished to a remote island, never allowed to return. Modern fonts are easier on the eyes, and flow allow us to follow a page with more ease than before. Courier New is choppy, blocky, and awkward. There is nothing flowing about the large, harsh letters. Nothing beautiful about the long lines.

As an avid reader, websites and documents that use such institutional fonts like Courier New make it hard for me to care to invest time or energy to follow along. It just takes too much effort. Call me lazy, if it pleases you, but I believe there is a time and place for every font, and this one no longer has its niche. It’s past expiration.

So why, then, do so many people still use it? What appeal does it have to the visually impaired masses? Is it the throwback style? Is it the atrociously large letters and spacing? Does it appeal to students because it fills more of the page (thus beefing up page count)? This isn’t the 1940’s people. Let’s move along and throw it out.

Now that we’ve discussed Courier New, let’s talk about Comic Sans…



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