Tales from the War of Moons | Update

I have received questions about progress with the book Tales from the War of Moons that contains a collection of stories from the war. My publisher and I have had a chat about the release of the stories and have decided to postpone publication.

I know that some of you were excited to see the stories come to fruition, but there are good reasons we have agreed to delay the release. First, by insistence of my publisher, is that the success or failure of the collection will depend largely on timing. Since the first book in the Divica series is still in the works and publication is unknown at this point, the stories in Tales from the War of Moons could be ill-placed to publish too far in advance of the series. Instead it will be released closer to publication of the first book in the series.

This is a disappointment to some, I know. I have received emails requesting these stories. Though I cannot publish them all, in light of publication delay I will be posting a few of the tales on my site for free PDF download. I hope this makes up for the lack of an actual collection of stories.

I also encourage you to check out some of the other stories I have available on this site to see what else I have done in the past.



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