GenCon is going great!

GenConLackeyDixonToday was action packed with fun. First I woke up early to hit the 7am bus to the expo only for the bus to not show up. Didn’t make my 8am symposium thanks to that. But I did have an action packed day. Met Brandon Sanderson, which was pretty cool in my book. (This may sound silly but I rode an escalator with him and couldn’t think of a single thing to say. What’s wrong with me?) I attended a number of great seminars and met a whole host of great people from authors to aspiring writers.

You may not be able to see it so well in this picture, but Larry Dixon and Kelly Swails are pointing to a sign for the writers in the room that says “You’re doomed.” It was a riot listening to these panels and I feel honored that I had the chance to meet them all. Larry and Michael Stackpole were very inspiring. I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has to bring!



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