Grinding his teeth, Cael raised his glass and glared at his father two chairs down the table from him. A good man indeed. This ambitious campaign to overthrow his younger brother cost their army thousands over the years. Cael never knew what peace was like. He was born into the war. He imagined a beautiful world where grass grew tall and waters were blue like the sky.
Narcysius smirked and nodded to his son. He was incapable of a genuine smile. They were always clearly fake. Ominous intentions constantly sparkled behind his emerald eyes.
“Outside the gates of Malinia we will chase those southern tyrants into the mountains!” Narcysius announced.
Ever since meeting his uncle on the battlefield Cael doubted the southerners were tyrants. It was more likely the opposite.
Just wait until Malinia, father. I will get vengeance for what you have done to our family and our people.


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