Who do I write like?

I saw this posted on someone elses blog. Two other people really, and I thought I would give it a go and see what it was all about.

The idea is a simple one. You take a bit of your text, copy and paste it into the provided box, and it spits out your answer for you. Imagine my delight when I saw that I was compared to a classic fiction (partly fantasy) author, Jonathan Swift. Yes, the author of Gulliver’s Travels. Huh. Interesting.

Now I have to admit that I have never actually read anything by this author before, but I know that his writing is considered classic. So I guess I can handle being compared to him.

Now, what’s interesting is that if I remove all the dialogue from the chapter (which is pretty much the second half of the chapter) it says my writing is like Dan Brown. Wow… Now there’s a huge difference!

Interested in taking the test to see for yourself? Here’s the link: http://iwl.me/



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